IAS19 and Funding Valuations

IAS19 & Funding Valuations

We are among the most experienced actuarial consultants in Southern Africa in terms of our involvement in IAS19 and funding valuations. Between our partners, we have been involved in over 500 IAS19 valuation and countless funding exercises within South Africa, Namibia, and Lesotho. 

We have also developed market-leading models and intellectual property for the purposes of projecting and quantifying these liabilities. These IAS19 and funding models provide us with the competitive advantage of being able to offer improved accuracy and efficiency; an enhanced understanding of the projected progression of entitled members and corresponding costs of subsidy provision; flexibility in allowing for complex subsidy structures; and scenario testing for the purposes of IAS19 and funding strategy development. 

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Obtain hassle-free IAS19 compliant figures for annual financial statements at a highly competitive price:

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