Human Capital Consulting

Human Capital Consulting

In the past, the HR function within organisations has often not played a sufficiently proactive role in contributing to business strategy. HR has often been focused on the ‘softer’ outcomes. However, the landscape is changing and there is a need to justify the HR role with hard facts and figures. In Deloitte’s 2015 Human Capital Trends survey a large range of global organisations gave HR & People Analytics a score of 66% for importance, while only scoring their readiness to carry out this functionality at 33%. At 3ONE our Human Capital consulting services bridge this gap for our clients. We facilitate collaboration between HR and the executive and finance teams in order to allow the development of people strategies which maximise the return from an organisation’s human capital.

Why Choose Us

We have expertise in providing the below valued services

  • Process optimisation (including staff structure optimisation)
  • Price optimisation
  • Sustainability reviews and recovery plans
  • Mergers and due diligence exercises
  • Creation of business intelligence platforms
  • Formulation of business plans
  • Development of risk registers and risk reporting frameworks

Key Capability

  • People strategy optimisation
  • People Analytics
  • Project assessment – return on investment reviews
  • Collaboration between HR and Executive and Finance teams

Maximise return from your employees today.