We are 3ONE

Consulting Actuaries

We’re a niche actuarial consulting firm led by three dynamic actuaries and business analysts whose experience and expertise span the Southern African markets.

As an established and proven provider of professional insights, 3ONE makes use of advanced actuarial science principles as well as leading intellectual property and advanced technology platforms, including models, technical capabilities and analytical techniques. 

Our primary obligation as actuaries is that all advice is provided without bias, representing an accurate and objective opinion or recommendation. We believe in building meaningful partnerships and strive towards providing necessary research, data analysis, and professional insights to formulate a bigger picture and operational go-forward strategy to suit our clients’ specific business needs.


We believe in cultivating good relationships and encourage sustainable long-term strategic partnerships with each of our clients.


As actuaries with a passion for thinking differently, we employ the use of cutting-edge technology to deliver real time, real world solutions.


We work towards delivering practical outputs and advice to our clients that speak clearly to their unique circumstances.

Our Actuarial Services​

Services Insights & Compensation

Insights & Compensation

We help you get a better understanding of your business and its operational processes 

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Services Human Capital Consulting

Human Capital Consulting

Make use of our extensive experience and develop your business

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Services Compensation Calculations

Compensation Calculations

We use a highly robust software model for the valuation of any relevant amount

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Services Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare Consulting

We bring fresh energy, ideas and technical capability to the healthcare sector

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Services IAS19 & Funding Valuations

IAS19 & Funding Valuations

We assist in any exercise related to contingent employer promises and IAS19 liabilities 

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Of Clients

Medical Schemes & Health Insurers
Medical Schemes & Health Insurers
Medical Schemes & Health Insurers

Product development &
pricing; Risk & experience
monitoring; Amalgamations;
Reserving & forecasting;
Member profiling;
Claims analysis;
Risk based capital modelling

Intermediaries & Brokers
Intermediaries & Brokers
Intermediaries & Brokers

Broker tools;
Benefit richness modelling;
Impact assessments;

Banking Institutions
Banking Institutions
Banking Institutions

Healthcare product
development & pricing;
Strategic consulting;
Liability risk management
& modelling

Corporates & Unions
Corporates & Unions
Corporates & Unions

Subsidy policy amendments
and reviews;
Healthcare reviews and
Funding and liability


Loss of income calculations
and Road Accident Fund
claims; Damages claims

Regulators & Industry Bodies
Regulators & Industry Bodies
Regulators & Industry Bodies

Crafting legislation;
Policy research & development;
Industry analysis and trending;
Amalgamation impact assessments

Administrators & Managed Care Organisations
Administrators & Managed Care Organisations
Administrators & Managed Care Organisations

Risk profiling;
Analysis and dashboarding;
Cost-benefit analysis;
Provider profiling;
Diagnostic-related grouper

Healthcare Providers
Healthcare Providers
Healthcare Providers

Practice cost studies and
feasibility analyses;
Network contracting;
Product development;
Tariff pricing.


Trend analysis & dashboarding;
Tariff setting and funder
Risk mitigation strategy;
Outcomes based assessments;
Practise cost studies


Expert witness reports;
Road Accident Fund claims;
Damages and loss of income claims

Some of
Our Clients


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