Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare Consulting

3ONE’s partners have extensive experience across the healthcare consulting landscape, including specialist expertise in strategic and longer term consulting. We have had great success in bringing fresh ideas and technical capability to our clients. 

Our actuarial team has experience in independent sustainability and strategic reviews in order to guide a healthcare scheme in how best to achieve medium to long-term success. This is achieved through consideration of the member profile progression, competitiveness of the healthcare product offering as well as maximisation of the value from reserves. 

3ONE Consulting Actuaries is supported by class-leading intellectual property, advanced data analysis and technology platforms, including models, technical capabilities and analytical techniques. This means that we are able to bring our clients both bigger picture strategic and operational advice, with sound actuarial analysis.

Why Choose Us

We offer exceptional actuarial services in these key areas:

Key Capabilities

Additional Actuarial Services​

Services Insights & Compensation

Insights & Compensation

We help you get a better understanding of your business and its operational processes 

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Services Human Capital Consulting

Human Capital Consulting

Make use of our extensive experience and develop your business

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Services Compensation Calculations

Compensation Calculations

We use a highly robust software model for the valuation of any relevant amount

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Services IAS19 & Funding Valuations

IAS19 & Funding Valuations

We assist in any exercise related to contingent employer promises and IAS19 liabilities 

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Move your business forward with a professional risk management analysis today

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