3ONE Compensation and Loss of Earning Calculations

Compensation & Loss of Earning Calculations

3ONE has performed countless compensation and loss of earning calculations (e.g. loss of income valuations) and the team has extensive experience in this regard. We also have a highly robust software model in place to allow for the valuation of any relevant compensation amount. It is our goal to always remain current and up-to-date with all regulations, legislation and case law as it pertains to our approach to such valuations. For example, we have incorporated the proposed application of ‘capping’ of claims as outlined in the RAF vs Sweatman case.

Why Choose Us

We have expertise in providing loss of earning
calculations and reports in the following areas:

  • Road accident fund (RAF) claims
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Loss of support claims
  • Workers’ compensation claims

Key Capabilities

  • Robust statistical and actuarial models
  • Accurate financial modelling and forecasting
  • Guaranteed turnaround times
  • Continuity of service provision (more than one actuary involved where required)
  • Extensive expertise in healthcare environment

Get a valuation of any relevant compensation amount today.